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Sunday morning wrapped up my 3rd shoot in 2 days!

It was definitely a busy weekend.  I’m glad I got to end with Bailey!  Bailey is graduating from the school at which I used to teach, where I also coached her in basketball her freshman year.  She has grown into a wonderful young lady.

Bailey has absolutely stunning blue eyes, and they photographed very well.  On Saturday, Jim had told me that he liked helping me out on my shoots, so we decided he should come with, which meant we also had to bring Reagan. The early morning wasn’t good for her, and she wasn’t too pleased, so Jim spent most of his time hanging out with her by the pond, which seemed to keep her happy.

Bailey is looking for a basketball and/or volleyball scholarship for next fall and is hoping to head somewhere in the NAIA division.

Good luck, Bailey!


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The Locks

This weekend I had the pleasure of shooting some of our good friends, Brad and Kim and their kiddos.  Brad and my husband were good friends in college, and I have become good friends with them as well.  Their kids are so cute, and all three of them are little balls of energy.

We headed to the house Kim grew up in, which is in Manitou.  I always love shooting at places I haven’t shot before.  It can sometimes be challenging, but luckily Kim was able to show us around.  My husband came along to be my assistant, and it worked out quite well.  Reagan got to come too; she and the Lock boys get along very well.

We had a blast, and despite the clouds and spits of rain, we got some good pictures.

Thanks guys!

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Weaver Women

I was lucky enough to have another chance to work with Lia this past weekend.  It was supposed to be a shoot with her mom, Kelly, and her brother, sister, and dad.  However, the guys decided to go hunting instead.  We got up early on Saturday morning and headed back to Fox Run park, the same place we took Lia’s senior pictures.  The thing I love about Fox Run is how in 2 weeks it can look like a completely different place!  We don’t have much for seasons here in Colorado, (it’s usually either summer or snowing) but our quick autumns are always beautiful!

Kelly’s family is absolutely beautiful, and they make my job easy!  Thanks for giving the chance to work with you all again!

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